How To Use BRICE Scoring To Solve Relevant Product Problems

Kasey Kaplan
4 min readMar 13, 2022

At the start of 2021 I wrote about BRICE Scoring being an effective method for product prioritisation. If you’ve not yet read the original article, you can find it here: “Use BRICE, Not RICE Scoring for Product Prioritization”. To this day, I believe BRICE offers value if it is used in the correct way. In this article I want to quickly recap what BRICE scoring is, how it fits in with your product strategy, explain when to use it, and also provide you with a template.

What Is BRICE Scoring

BRICE Scoring offers a quantitative method for prioritising what your team/squad should focus on. The original application was for product management, but it can be applied to all aspects of business.

BRICE Scoring looks at 5 areas and allows you to score the features/work you’re considering against each respective area. Ultimately, you are given a number that can be compared to other work you are considering. In most cases the item with the highest score should be prioritised. Read my original article the specifics.

  • Business Importance | Score 1–3: How valuable does the work being considered align to the strategic objectives of the business
  • Reach | Score: 1–100% or actual #: The number of end-users who will be impacted by the work
  • Impact | Score .25–3: Once released, how significant will the solution be users
  • Confidence | Score 1–100%: Based on quantitative and qualitative data, how confident are you the feature/work being considered will give the result you expect.
  • Effort | Score 1–4: Similar to a T-shirt Sizing — how much work is needed to implement the feature.

To calculate your BRICE Score simply do the following: (B x R x I x C)/E

Once you do this for everything in consideration, you then get a table that looks like this:

When To Use BRICE Scoring

As people use BRICE Scoring, I’ve noticed a tendency to start with BRICE Scoring in the prioritisation process. In most cases, this will be challenging and not offer an optimal solution. BRICE Scoring should be used, once you understand the problem you’re trying to solve and have…

Kasey Kaplan

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